The Grow Op – an urban gardening experiment

April 23, 2009, 12:38 am
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Despite my categorical failure to get my sun room cleared out this past weekend, I did make an effort to get something into the ground: Herbs.

My teeny herb garden

As you can see it is in a container, and indoors. I will pass along a warning that I received from my friendly neighbourhood garden store clerk: Herbs don’t tend to do well indoors, with a few exceptions; basil, cilantro and chives. If you know of some others, feel free to discuss in the comments. Apparently this has to due with the relative humidity in the average household – the plants tend to dry out. I have decided to take the risk. I have (from left to right) curry (this might not be edible sadly, but it smells great!), winter savory, oregano, rosemary, and parsley (the space will be for basil, discussed below). I am hoping that consistent fresh air from the window and the occasional spritz of water on the foliage will keep them healthy. If not, i may have to stash them somewhere in my courtyard, guerrilla gardener style! Having herbs in a container should be fine, as long as their is ample drainage.

Dark Opal Basil
The garden store did not have a basil plant started, so i decided to start some from seed. I found a very interesting type of basil called Dark Opal. Basil is very easy to grow from seed (apparently). I have put about 1/2 dozen seeds in a small plant pot about 6mm into the soil. I soaked the soil with water, and now wait for the botanical magic to start! I will post pics once I get some sprouts.

More on curry later.


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Glad to see my Gerbera is getting some much needed camera time.

Comment by Callan

I think you need a good luck gnome to add to your windowsill. We have one, and it seems to keep everything growing well. Except for the garlic chives. Those are just slowly dying.

Comment by darcy

Talk to David Suzuki.


Comment by gfairbro

[…] The only plant that seems to be struggling a little is the Rosemary – it tends to dry out, As I was warned it might. I hope that the move to the much more humid sun room will fix […]

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