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Inverted Tomatoes
May 6, 2009, 1:45 am
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Consider my dearth of space in the sunroom – and because I love experiments – I decided that i would try a tomato growing tactic that i had heard about a few times – Inverted tomato plants.

The principle is pretty simple: Grow the plant upside down! The execution is a little more complicated, but not much. First, you need some buckets. you can buy them, or go to the nearest restaurant and ask if they have extras. They usually do – just make sure you get one with a volume of at least 5 gallons. next, get some small tomato plants. scout out a good place to hang your plants, too.

Take your buckets, and cut holes in the bottoms about 2 inches in diameter. line the inside bottom of the pail with newspaper (about six sheets) and cut a hole in it that aligns with the hole in the bucket. Now, feed the tomato plant slowly and gently through the hole, and then fill the pail with as much soil as you prefer. I filled my 10 gallon pails about halfway. this can be tricky, so ask for help!

now just hang up your buckets, and water from the top! If you want you can put a lid on the bucket (with a second hole in it) and water through the hole. this will keep more moisture in the soil, and protect it from the sun (if it is outside).

One thing to be aware of, is that the load will grow heavier as the plans grow and flower. So be mindful of that when you choose a hanging site. I personally am very concerned that my ceiling hooks will not support my plants!

So there you go! inverted tomatoes. Still not a believer? Stay tuned and I will demonstrate my results.

Inverted Tomato plant


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