The Grow Op – an urban gardening experiment

May 15, 2009, 10:37 am
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Ok so I will admit it: Some nights, when the weight of the world is too much to bear, I have some trouble sleeping. And when those dark, dark nights come around, and all my problems are a closin’ in, I like to have a little herbal tea to try and get to sleep. But the good stuff usually doesn’t come cheap. So naturally i am going to grow it myself. ‘They’ – and by they I mean SKYNET aka the Internet – tell me chamomile is easy to grow, and can be pretty continuously harvested by popping off the head of the flowers and drying them. This supposedly actually triggers more growth in the plant, and can also allow you to indulge a little childhood rhyming (“Momma had a baby and her HEAD POPPED OFF”)! I have also planted some catnip (yeah, its nice in tea!) but it isnt sprouting,and I begin to lose hope.

Chamomile is a bit of a slow starter. I planted these seeds what seems like a long time ago, and have these sprouts to show for it:

Chamomile Sprouts



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