The Grow Op – an urban gardening experiment

Holding Patterns
August 19, 2009, 2:21 pm
Filed under: Flowers, Fruit, pests, Plants, Vegetables

The garden has not appreciably degenerated in the last few weeks, but I am not really seeing any improvement. I think the chamomile is dead, so i will probably try to resprout some and start again. I am pretty good at the first part of the gardening process, so I am ok with this. I managed to beat back the aphid infestation enough to get the peppers to bounce back. this required some pruning, and a lot of close combat soapy water spraying. I was basically using the force of the spray bottle to blast the little bastards off. They are coming back a little, but i have been vigilant, so the plants seem to have some healthy new growth. I doubt i will get any peppers this year. The main problem may have been a lack of pollination (only one of each plant) but i think i may try to cross pollinate these two plants and get some mildly hot red pepper combo. Or a horribly mutant pepper-creature that will terrorize the Lower Mainland. Either way – genetics! The eggplant fruit stopped getting bigger, so i used them in a delicious tomato ragu-type omelette filling. Hopefully i will get a few more before the growing season is over.


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