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CSA Week 2
June 27, 2009, 1:07 pm
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This week i got some weird stuff along with some more regular fare. I got the usual bag of delicious salad greens. I got another pound of snow peas. I got a bunch of young kale, and a bundle of fragrant spearmint. That is where the familiarity ended. I got something called amaranth, which is a spinach-like green. I got garlic scapes, which are like young garlic, i gather. I got a bunch of young fennel, which would have been better if i hadn’t used it almost exclusively in a recipe. The flavour definitely needs to be used wisely and sparingly! And i got a head of escarole, which is like a slightly more bitter but mostly just more delicious form of leaf lettuce. Perhaps sensing my approaching bewilderment, my friendly neighbourhood farmer included in via email an excellent collection of recipes for using some of the less familiar items. I tried a garlic scape and amaranth fritatta last night, and it was absolutely delicious. The emails are sent weekly and contain info about the items in the box for the week, along with the occasional anecdote about the growing process, which I find is a refreshing way to connect better with the food you are eating. It certainly beats the Safeway.

This is living.


CSA Week 1
June 15, 2009, 9:24 pm
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It finally happened. I received my first box from my friendly neighborhood farmer! After work today I took a stroll 4 and a half blocks away to the Kitsilano drop off site for Glorious Organics Farms’ Community Supported Agriculture program. What I found was a rubbermaid bin with my name on it in the shade of what may or may not have been some kind of hippy commune. Imagine – in Kitsilano! Nowhere is safe, anymore.

Anyway, what i found is what you see in the photo above (vodka not included):

A huge bag of spring greens;
A huge bag of spinach;
2 huge bok choy heads – the wouldnt fit properly in my fridge they were so long;
a huge bunch of radishes;
a bag of delicious snow peas;
and an admittedly disappointing bunch of rhubarb. But rhubarb is not by nature an exciting plant.

This box cost me $25*. It is all organic, and grown less than 50KM away in Aldergrove. And it tastes amazing. I am pretty sure eating these vegetables is going to make me stronger, smarter, more attractive and sexually potent than ever before. And you can get those results too. Look into a local CSA! Glorious Organics has drop offs in Kits, at 24th and Main, and on Commercial. You can also pick up at the farm. For more info, feel free to clamour in the comments.

*$500 paid in advance for 20+ boxes